Green Tea prevents old age!

Hello Bloggers!

I’m sure you are all happy to hear from me again. I have one big advice for the future and that is GREEN TEA. I hope you all read my previous post if not you’re missing out. But anyways you can check it out here

Here is a brief re-cap..

If you already drink tea, or don’t drink tea it’s time for you to consider green tea. It will work better if you drink it regularly. So invest in a kettle and a cute mug because you’re going to need it. After all you have a lifetime ahead of you.  

So how is it that green tea can help your skin?

Protects Skin From Sun Damage – This doesn’t mean you get rid of sunscreen. The antioxidants it contains can work from the outside in, not just the inside out, and although it doesn’t block the sun’s rays, it does prevent the damage that the sun does from laying out by the pool.

Tones Skin, Hair, And Muscles – This is another way to use green tea. You don’t even have to drink it to get some of its benefits (we all know how that first cup tastes like). When applied to your hair it can help it grow stronger. When you drink it helps your muscles function at more optimal levels, since it helps them contract. If you want healthier gums it is said that you can simply rinse green tea in your mouth and you’ll see an improvement of gum health. And this also has to do with the chemicals present in tea.

Prevents Wrinkles – Those trusty antioxidants are at it again. There really is no limit to the number of benefits they provide. Several factors of aging hinge on damage, and getting wrinkles is one of them. By keeping your body full of antioxidants it reduces the likelihood of getting wrinkles so you can stay looking younger for longer but maybe not forever.

So here is a quick tip to apply it to your face:

1. After each cup of green tea that you drink, take the tea bag out and cut it open.

2. Empty the contents into a small cup

3. Add a little honey to it to make it into a paste.

4. Make sure your face is clean before you apply the paste

5. Leave it on for ten minutes

6. Rinse it off

Or if you have no time

Splash green tea on your face. 

1. Prepare really hot green tea and let it cool.

2. When it has cooled down, go to a sink and pour some of the tea from the mug into your hand.

3. Splash it all over your face repeatedly until there’s no more tea.

4. Then rinse your face with cool water.


This is super easy and efficient just check out my skin (;




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