One healthy step

Hello once again!

I’m back…yes it’s Yaya, settle down settle down children. I’m here to tallk about why you should park at the back of the parking lot. Why you should walk to the store or to the park, why you should really get those legs stretching!! So convince you I will give you TEN not 2 not 5 but 10 reasons why you should start walking around the store and not use one of these

and if you don’t believe these ten reasons or a little bit like what…..this is not true you’re free to check it out here.

Here we go are you ready! I’m ready so….

1. Walkers live longer

No you will not live forever but it’s a start. You will live a day longer okay I don’t know but it’s good and keeps you healthy which means you live longer.

2. Walkers prevent Weight Gain

Hey that’s always good. Wouldn’t want to gain any weight any time soon.

3. You Can walk Off Weight

Wait walk it off?! Yes as you walk it goes away…magicc…

4. Walking Reduces Risk of Cancer

This right here is crazy. I’m kind of thinking of picking this habit up myself.

5. Walking Reduces Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

Oh snap okay okay I like where this is going.

6. Walking Reduces Diabetes Risk

Hey that’s pretty good, I’m convincing you aren’t I? I convinced myself AGAIN

7. Walking Boosts Your Brain Power

I’m going to have to do this before my Final on Thursday….

8. Walking Relieves Stress

or after my finals I need to get rid of all this stress

9. Walking  Improves Mood 

And this once Summer starts

10. It’s Easy to get Started Walking 

And yes we’ve made full course and I hope you realize that you’re only helping yourself when you park at the back of the parking lot.

❤ Yaya

By the way…finals have me going crazy!!


One thought on “One healthy step

  1. I every time I go somewhere, I try to park my car a bit further because it gives me an excuse to walk more. I never knew walking had so many benefits, I will try to incorporate walking more in my lifestyle.

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